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Destination wedding photographer, beauty seeker, travel lover, fantasy art & medieval stuff fan, prog metal music addict… Yes, I’m just Barbara!

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“There’s a blind desire there’s a drive/
There’s a need to leave some lasting feat/
Something to hold, something to keep/
A monument to complete”

[Monument, Fates Warning]

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Who? What? Why?

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Who I am. Hi, I am Barby and I was born in Florence. My main passions have always been Art and painting, “friends” that have accompanied me for my whole life, primarily in high school and then until the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Florence where I graduated with the highest marks by specializing in graphics, visual arts and new expressive languages. Another big passion of mine is Music (specially hard rock and metal). I find it relaxing to sneak in records store (maybe I’m one of the few people who still do it!) to look for some rare record or some new artist to discover. I play the keyboard in a Prog metal band (Ion of Chios). I’m a big fan of the “Gothic” inspirational cinema – my thesis topic for my degree – starting from early century German Expressionism (“Der Golem” – “Nosferatu” ecc) passing through the ‘30s horrors of Universal Pictures (you got to love Bela Lugosi’s Dracula or Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein) all the way to the 60s/70s Roger Corman and Mario Bava’s films, from which I often get inspired for the chromaticism of my paintings.
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What I Do. I discovered Photography by chance. During my academic years I got closer and closer to this artistic form which, if I have to be honest, I considered minor than the Classical Arts. Soon after I met Federico I tried to take pictures of weddings and almost right away I realized that I actually really liked it! (Who would have ever said that a few years ago?).  Now I like to think of my painting and my photography as two elements that complete each other, a continuous research to be able to maintain, where possible, a stylistic consistency between what I paint and what I photograph.

Why wedding photographer. What I love the most of my job is the possibility to confront myself every time with different realities. Each wedding is a small world full of stories to tell, the most beautiful thing is to be able to tiptoe in with the camera to capture every single facet. It’s so satisfying that a person entrust you with one of the most precious moments of his life. This is WOW. It’s gas for me! A big responsibility and a great honour at the same time.




about Federico ⇒

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