My name is Federico, son and grandson of wedding photographers. I was brought up with “bread and film”, as I always say.

My passions are Photography, Music and Cinema: I am a guitar player, and I have to say that music has an incredible power over me, as well as over my Photography.

I started getting passionate about photography when I was about fifteen year old, making and editing my own short films. To my surprise and amusement, they were projected in an exhibition called CortoGiovani (Youth’s Short Films) in my own town, Pontassieve.

When I finished high school I decided to bring this passion of mine forward, starting a Cinematography course of studies in Rome. After refining my shooting and editing skills for one year, I obtained the renowned AVID European Qualification.

Straight after that, I started working within my family business, always dealing with Wedding filming.

While being a professional wedding film- maker, I started growing fonder of my mother’s photography style, instilling a passion throughout the years which brought me to leave the video camera and pick up the photo camera once for all.

Since 2008 Photography has become my one and only mean of artistic expression under a professional point of view, working at weddings beside my mother.

In 2010 I became the owner of the family business Studio Fotografico Bacci, bringing upwards and forward the family tradition and taking part of many Photographic societies, both national and international, such as ANFM (National Society of Wedding Photographers), Fearless Photographers, and ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers).



Studio Fotografico Bacci was opened in Pontassieve in 1951 by my grandfather, Vinicio. Our priority has always been to establish a connection with our customers, the bride and groom, in order to guarantee always an excelling finished product; a unique Photographic Story narrating the best Day of your Life.

I particularly enjoy taking care of the couple, getting to know the newlyweds in order to create and empathic feeling, and therefore setting a comfortable atmosphere during the shooting of their Wedding Day.

This is what I have been thought, and what I have found fundamental during my many years of experience.

Every person within my staff including myself can move very discretely while shooting during and after the ceremony. It is an important prerogative for me, which all my staff must have. It is also fundamental for me to let the newlyweds know that all the staff and I are at their complete service for the whole day.

Beside Weddings, I also do photoshoots in my studio, from new born babies to adults.


From the studies carried out in Rome I kept a cinematographic karisma, which makes my shootings special and unique.

I love capturing spontaneity, glances and laughter, mixing the whole with elegant shots and perfect lighting. I do not enjoy using artificial lighting such as flash; I like to take advantage of the natural light, as long as there is any, of course!

Photography is my mean of expression.

The way I communicate through photography is vitally important to me, and it is fundamental to always keep alive the passion also by carrying out other photographic projects beside weddings.

Studio Fotografico Bacci at work 🙂



Menzione d’Onore al FIIPA 2016 categoria STORIA


Menzione d’Onore al FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2016


Menzione d’Onore al 10° Black and White Spider Awards


Terzo Posto e Menzione d’Onore al MIFA2015 di Mosca nella categoria FineArt/Abstract



Fiof Bronze Awards 2014 Categoria FOTOGRAFI DI MATRIMONIO


Gold Medal e Menzione d’Onore al Kula Grand Prix 2014


Menzione d’Onore al Belgrade Photo Autumn 2014


Menzione d’Onore al 61° Singapore International Photography Awards 2014 categoria Portraits e Landscape



Fiof Bronze Awards 2010 Categoria FOTOGRAFI DI MATRIMONIO




Fiof Silver Awards 2007 Categoria FOTOGRAFI REPORTAGE


Fiof Bronze Awards 2007 Categoria FOTOGRAFI REPORTAGE

[/one_fourth][/column_wrapper][column_wrapper][one_fourth]                                                                Certificazione QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer) categoria Foto di Matrimonio