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Elopement Wedding in Rome | Rome Wedding Photographer
Elopement Wedding in Rome  Elopement Wedding in Rome  “Roma è la città degli echi, la città delle illusioni, e la città del desiderio." (Giotto) Yes! Giotto said  "Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of desire". It’s like a huge and open-air museum and taking pictures there is so fantastic! We always prefer to take pictures in narrow streets, searching for chiaroscuro and Rome is perfect for these things. Thank you Aubrey and Jeremy for this incredible experience. Great memories of your intimate wedding in Rome. All the best for you guys! ✨🖤 Bride Getting Ready Venue: Terrace Pantheon Relais Photographers: ...
A Deafening Stillness | Me, You and Florence
Florence Engagement Photographer Florence Engagement Photographer. Thank you Selene (a brilliant wedding photographer from Vicenza, take a look at her works HERE) and Jacopo for this incredible experience, taking pictures of your Love and wondering in a surreal and "abandoned" Florence doesn't happen every day. It seemed that all the monuments, the shadows, the walls, the streets whispered to each other on our way through, as if they were about to reveal ancestral secrets.   *These photographs were taken on 9th of March, before the Italian government order to limit as much as possible leaving the house and having contact with p ...
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Borgo di Tragliata Wedding | Rome Wedding Photographer
Borgo di Tragliata Wedding Borgo di Tragliata Wedding. Rome is always a good idea for a destination wedding in Italy, but around Rome (and not so far) there are a lot of lovely and rustic wedding venues, they are perfect for what are you searching for your wedding. Borgo di Tragliata is an ancient village of Etruscan era close to Rome, and it's a typical rustic and magical venue for a wedding like that of Caroline and Max. When we met one year before the wedding, Caro and Max (two lovely guys and brilliant videographers from Monaco) confessed us that they were completely in love with our photographic style, and for a photographer th ...
The End of the F***ing World | Autumn Wedding in Tuscany
Autumn Wedding in Tuscany Autumn Wedding in Tuscany November 2, 2019. The last wedding of my 2019 wedding season. Rain, wind, fog... yes, a typical autumn day. But it was perfect for what I've in mind. Telling a story is not so easy, through a viewfinder of a camera it is even more difficult, but that's why this year I focused more on capturing the atmosphere, the air I breathe in the wedding, rather than the "WOW" photo end in itself. Couples must relive the wedding day through our pictures, magazine cover poses are not important for me, but the feelings, the emotions, the looks, the hugs, the raindrops, the mist rising from the hill, ...
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Decadent Wedding Inspiration
Decadent Wedding Inspiration Decadent Wedding Inspiration “I mean by a picture a beautiful romantic dream of something that never was, never will be - in a light better than any light that ever shone - in a land no one can define, or remember, only desire” Edward Burne-Jones I’ve always been in love with the moody, decadent atmosphere of pre-raphaelite artists. Their emphasis on sensual melancholic beauty driven by an intense nostalgia for the past is so inspiring! I adore the tones used by artists such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti  or John Everett Millais in their paintings: if you take a look at Proserpine or Ophelia you can do nothing b ...
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