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Hi! I’m Federico, a country guitar man, a Horror Movies lover, a dreamer, I hope in the future to be a traveler and yes, I’m a destination wedding photographer too

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” On the road again / Just can’t wait to get on the road again / The life I love is making music with my friends /And I can’t wait to get on the road again. “

[On the Road Again – Willie Nelson]

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Who? What? Why?

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Who I am?      My name is Federico, son and grandson of wedding photographers. I was born in Florence, Tuscany, and I was brought up with “bread and film”, as I always say. My passions are Photography, Music and Cinema. I am a country guitar player (oh yes, I really love Country Music and all the shades of this musical genre -folk, bluegrass exc..), and I have to say that music has an incredible power over me, as well as over my Photography. I play acoustic guitar in a country band, and somettime we go out for livemusic shows. So funny!! What about Cinema…? Wow… Cinema is all for me. I especially love Tarantino, Kubrick and David Lynch, but I’m literally in love with Horror/B-Movie and I’m starting to love the Gothic cinema of the early ‘900 (Barbara helps me to find very old movies!).

 What I do?     Studio Fotografico Bacci was opened in Pontassieve, near Florence, in 1951 by my grandfather, Vinicio. Our priority has always been to establish a connection with our customers, the bride and groom, in order to guarantee always an excelling finished product; a unique Wedding Storytelling of the best Day of your Life. Since 2008 Photography has become my one and only mean of artistic expression under a professional point of view, working at weddings beside my mother. Now, I can say that I am a professional wedding photographer. Yes, I’m a wedding photographer. And I love to do that. In 2010 I became the owner of the family business Studio Fotografico Bacci, bringing upwards and forward the family tradition and since 2011 Barbara is by my side, she is my partner (yes she’s the boss) in life and work.

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 We take part of many Photographic societies, both national and international, such as ANFM (National Society of Wedding Photographers), ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) and BOWP (Best of Wedding Photographers)

Why wedding photographer?     Because Photography is my mean of expression. And I love to take part of a special day as the Wedding. I love to meet new people every time; I love the responsibility and importance of photography on the wedding day, It is the thing that will allow you to relive the emotions of that day, it is the only concrete reminder that will remain. Photography is a powerful tool in our lives. Especially in one of the best day of our life. This is why I do this job, and this is why I really really really love my job. In every photo I shoot there is a little piece of me, of my passions, of my music, of my cinema… From the studies carried out in Rome I kept a cinematographic karisma, which makes my shootings special and unique.

I love capturing spontaneity, glances and laughter, mixing the whole with elegant shots and perfect lighting.

The way I communicate through photography is vitally important to me, and it is fundamental to always keep alive the passion also by carrying out other photographic projects beside weddings.



⇐ about Barbara 

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