In the past years we had the luck and the pleasure of being masters in several workshops around Italy and we discovered that it is something that we love so much (you never stop learning).

Above all we would like to be for someone the person we needed at the beginning of our career, when we jumped into this job, into this market, into this "jungle", with almost zero experience, making mistakes on mistakes and therefore losing a lot of precious time.

We really love teaching and love more watching our "students" grow.

That's the best part about being an educator.

Are you ready to move from Darkness to Light?


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all things business + photography // editing, workflows, pricing, seo, client communication, branding, shooting + directing + utilizing all types of light, gear, timeline management, portfolio review, work-life balance, and most importantly, how to run an efficient and self-sustaining business.

Your Kind Words

I have always esteemed Federico as a photographer, I jumped at the chance of a 1: 1 mentoring with him.

It's has great value to me having advice, but also criticism from those you respect and, in fact, I was not disappointed!

Federico is extremely helpful, he listens to you and offers you an interpretation of your work that was very useful for me, but at the same time unusual. His point of view gave me new ideas and also the stimulus necessary to modify some technical and mental aspects that represented me. I highly recommend it, if only for the fantastic coffee cup that you could admire during the live!

Federico and Barbara are two exceptional people.

When you arrive in their studio they make you feel immediately at home.

Their simplicity and their passion immediately project you into their beautiful world.

We return home after this experience more enriched and with another set of experiences to apply to our Photography.

We thank Federico and Barbara for being two special people even before being two super colleagues.

After months of thinking about it yesterday I decided to do a one to one mentoring with one of my favorite photographers. This experience has totally shaken me inside, Federico made me realize the path I have to take and that I don't have to break myself down if the achievements do not satisfy me, that you have to be patient. He showed me a path full of obstacles but which gives a lot of satisfaction and I'm sure I can overcome them all. I'd do this mentoring a hundred times over. Thanks again Fede!

We had the pleasure of sharing time with Federico about a year ago in a very strange historical period in which we were blocked by the COVID19 pandemic.

We decided to confront him and we were really very happy, because Federico is a great professional. Besides being a great photographer he is a wonderful person!

This Mentoring was very important to us and he left us a lot.

I hope that you too can share some time with him. You will not regret it!


I started following Federico and Barbara's work after admiring their moody Photography.

Being a risk-loving person, I decided to book a one to one mentoring with Federico because I needed to understand which aspects I needed to improve on my work.

His analysis of my path gave me the sprint I needed. I always recommend the comparison with other colleagues, but I highly recommend it with Federico!

Today I wanted to tell about how helpful was Federico for my work and my upcoming projects.

He is a great wedding photographer, a mentor, a wonderful person and this mentoring was extremely formative and this experience surprised me a lot.

I highly recommend it to all those colleagues who need to change something in their work, in their Vision.

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