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A Deafening Stillness | Me, You and Florence
Florence Engagement Photographer Florence Engagement Photographer. Thank you Selene (a brilliant wedding photographer from Vicenza, take a look at her works HERE) and Jacopo for this incredible experience, taking pictures of your Love and wondering in a surreal and "abandoned" Florence doesn't happen every day. It seemed that all the monuments, the shadows, the walls, the streets whispered to each other on our way through, as if they were about to reveal ancestral secrets.   *These photographs were taken on 9th of March, before the Italian government order to limit as much as possible leaving the house and having contact with p ...
Intimate portrait session in Florence, Tuscany
Timeless Engagement Session | Kevin and Nicole
Timeless Engagement Session       Timeless Engagement Session.    Nicole and Kevin from Boston. Why "timeless"? Because I wanted to focus only on them, with no one else, without any contexts. All dynamic photos, very few poses, all spontaneous and natural situations. I tried to isolate them from the city, from the many tourists who are in Florence at this time. Nicole, at first, was very shy. "It's normal" -i said to her- "don't worry and enjoy! So, nobody knows you here in Florence!!" So... this is the result. I'm very happy because I've tried new things, a different approach to the couple, cinematic shots, a different photo retouc ...
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Florence Engagement Session | Tuscany Wedding Photographer
Romantic engagement session in Florence Florence Engagement Session. Florence is always a good idea for a romantic engagement session: Caffè Rivoire, a rainy day, red shoes, blue dress, the light and shadows as I like. The perfect mood, the perfect elements for a magical atmosphere. Isabella and Riccardo, two beautiful guys in beautiful Florence... what else? :) I say no more, have a look at photos   Federico
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