Unconventional Calabria | Dramatic Shades into the Wild Nature

Unconventional Calabria

Unconventional Calabria.
It was curious, funny, and very interesting to wander around the unconventional side of an Italian region famous above all for the beautiful sea and beaches. Calabria is also beautiful for its country’s view and experience. Different landscapes compared to Tuscany, they change so fast in a few kilometers and colors change fast too. From a grey color of a barren landscape to the bright green of pine forests of La Sila (is the name of the mountainous plateau of Calabria).

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Wow ! I have discovered you with your nomination for the rising star. And I’m truly amazed by your work. It’s such another level ! Your personnal works open a little window on how you see the world. Which is very interesting. Thank you for that and keep sharing with the world those wonders.