La Chambre Noire – Vintage Elopement in Paris

June 8, 2023

Vintage Elopement in Paris

Vintage Elopement in Paris. There is always something magical in the atmosphere of Paris, as we all know. The great photographers of the past, such as Bresson or Doisneau, have already extensively portrayed Paris in all its beauty and elegance. Victor Hugo once said, “To breathe Paris preserves the soul”, and having the fortune to tell the story of two beautiful souls like Lea and Thomas through their passions, their love, and their city is something incredible. We spent an entire day with them, from the morning in Montmartre with Thomas taking some photographs of Lea with his film camera Voigtlander (super!), then in their apartment where they developed the photos in an improvised darkroom in the living room, to the afternoon with their elopement in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

It was an incredible experience for us as well. Elopement weddings are always a true ode to love. An intimate and pure moment that people give themselves, which is why finding the right photographer for your elopement in Paris is extremely important.

For services like this, we love to get to know people’s stories to make the service as personal as possible, like a made-to-measure suit. Lea and Thomas are two Art and Vintage enthusiasts: he aspires to become an Actor and a Photographer, while she draws and produces Vintage clothing. On their elopement wedding day, they wanted to combine all these nuances that distinguish them and we were inspired by their great passions for the photographic storytelling.


Bride dress: Le Cocon des Marièes

Flowers: Arts Embaumés

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